“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.” ― Roald Dahl

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A note from Naomi:

I started in Unicorn Crate in March 2017 and ran it as a monthly subscription until August 2019. I then transitioned to bimonthly single-purchase boxes for a year. 2020 will be the last year I offer these. It's been one heck of a journey, a beacon of light that lit my path in a very dark time those years ago. Today I am thankful for all the experiences (yes even all the extreme challenges that came with running such a business all by myself!), enchantment, and people I met along the way. It's come to the point where it isn't feasible to continue running Unicorn Crate as it once was...  and that's OK. Circumstances change, people evolve, and pathways wend. I'm not disappearing completely though — you can still shop magical goodies (I may create new ones from time to time), follow @unicorncrate on Instagram for YA book recommendations (perhaps a book club to come) and bookish unicorn inspiration, or find me at @avioletlife where I share more of my personal life (books, beauty, cats, and writing). I'm working on my first novel — a YA fantasy with elements of plant magic and faerie lore. May you always have magic and light in your life. xo




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What the unicorns are saying

Fantastic fox-y box (Oct 18'). The Kitsune scroll was exquisite! All items tied in beautifully to the book. Wrapping & presentation were top-notch, showcasing well-selected and lovingly crafted items. Wonderful gift worthy of a subscription (gift given & received)! Thank you for your extra efforts in creating a terrific book crate! 

Unicorn Lisa

I really loved my crate and everything included. Also [Naomi] offers the best customer support I've ever been in contact with!!! 

Unicorn Karen

WOW! I just received my first Unicorn Crate in the mail today and I have to say you have blown me away. I saw a few unboxing videos for your box and when I finally saw a subscription available I jumped on it. So glad I did! 

Uniorn Maureen

Every time I get my Unicorn Crate, my mind is blown by how incredibly awesome everything is. I recommend this box to everyone and anyone. It is full of magic and dreams and happiness!

Unicorn Sadie

A magical unicorn just knocked on my door and gave me the most beautiful Unicorn Crate book box stuffed with amazing wonderfullness! I am in love with Unicorn Crate! 

Unicorn Jen

I received my first box the other day, and it had well-planned and thought out contents. Well worth the money, and I hope to keep this subscription box for a long time. 

Unicorn Natalie

I received my unicorn crate and I love it! I can tell how much care and thoughtfulness you put in to the curation of the box, and it truly shows. I decided to sign up for a a renewing subscription and The Book of Dust box, as a result. Thanks for creating these awesome YA fantasy book boxes! 

Unicorn Kat

Got my first unicorn crate today! I absolutely love everything in it! I will be recommending it to all my friends! 

Unicorn Holly