AUGUST 2019: Heart of a Dragon

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AUGUST theme: Heart of a Dragon (ships mid-August)

  • Gorgeous new hardcover August release in YA fantasy
  • Bookplate signed by the author + note from the author!
  • 6+ quality items, most of which are custom/exclusive! 

*DO NOT COMBINE THIS WITH ANY OTHER ITEMS! If you do, your order WILL be cancelled. All boxes ship separately. Thanks!


⭐ The featured title in the August will be a new hardcover standalone book. This gripping YA high fantasy adventure is from a debut author and self-pub success story. As mentioned above, it’s full of dragons (and I love how they’re depicted in this one). In this tale there has been a war between humans and elves since before time remembers. A half-human-half-elf servant has been rejected most of her life for her mixed-blood, and a traumatic experience in her childhood left her mute and subdued. But she makes an escape in an unlikely way. Thrust into a secret rebellion, she must find it within herself to somehow become a leader – and forge a heart-strong connection with a beast of the sky. If you love a good “underdog” story, a strong heroine, and classic epic fantasy elements, this book is for you. Ages 13+

⭐ This book will be filled with dragon-related goodies! I’m not promising any fandom-related things because tbh guys, I’m getting burnt out on that and a lot of people have been requesting non-fandom items (though at least one might make its way into the box, it’s not quite finalized yet!). I’m super excited for the dragon-themed items that are being made for this box and hope you love them as much as I do.

⭐ SNEAK PEEK: This box will contain an (non-paper) item with artwork from @awoodlandfairytale (she did that amazing fox and faery art for the pillowcase in the April box). It’s an item that can hold accessories. 😊