MAY 2017: Warrior Wisdom

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May 2017: 'Warrior Wisdom' (Unicorn Crate's debut box!)

Unboxing photo by @novelpairing

☆ Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh
☆ Book Cover Poster
☆ 'Okami' (the wolf) 4oz. candle exclusive by Wick & Fable
☆ Cherry Blossom Green Tea vial with Japanese tea ceremony basics card (put together by Unicorn Crate)
☆ Mulan 5x7 Print by Ry Spirit Art
☆ Mulan quote pocket mirror by Unicorn Crate
☆ Warrior Wisdom double-sided bookmark by Unicorn Crate
☆ Unicorns Love Books Mini Button Pin by Unicorn Crate (buy one here)
☆ Purple Fairy Lights

Watch unboxing videos by a dash of ash and HardbackHoarder


☆ WARRIOR WISDOM: The May box is perfect for those who love folklore, epic fantasy, adventure, mystery, forbidden romance, and empowering female characters! The story is set in feudal Japan and is a mash up of Mulan and 47 Ronin. It contains a mix of Japanese and Korean magic and folklore and the writing is absolutely beautiful.