OCTOBER 2018: Wild Hearts

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The title featured in this crate is a new October hardcover release by an internationally bestselling author (and, in my opinion, master storyteller!). It is the first in a stunning and diverse new epic fantasy trilogy. This book is by far one of my absolute favorite releases of 2018 and I cannot wait for you to experience it too! In this story you will enter a land of magic, mischief, shapeshifters, legends, monsters, and ghostly spirits. This lush adventure incorporates Japanese mythology and a not-quite-human main character you are going to fall in love with. Ages 12+

The October theme is inspired by wild hearts, dangerous journeys, and facing inner monsters as well as actual ones. I am seriously excited about the items I have found / created for you guys for this box! Some of them are inspired by Strange the Dreamer, Sleeping Beauty, and Stranger Things, and some of them are not fandom-related but inspired by this theme. Three of the items in this box are things I have never included in Unicorn Crate before!

In addition to the book, the crate will contain a signed bookplate and note from the author, plus the themed goodies of course. 

Once they're gone, they're gone.

Second image photographed by Eden Hammond